Justin "The BeLoved" Dorsey is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and musician born in Staten Island, NY. He has always loved music since he started playing the piano at the age of 8. However, it wasn't until after he moved to Greensboro, NC and began teaching himself to play guitar that he really found his passion. BeLoved soon started to venture out to do live performance. He even recorded, produced and self-released his first full length cd titled "All About Jesus" in 2011."
"I am just like David, a man with flaws and shortcomings but also a man after God's heart...

I want to write music that is pleasing to people of all ages, creeds and nationalities, music that's on par with and better than the world's that uplifts and edifies the people and glorifies God. I want to sing about the finished work of Christ in my songs and let everyone know the exceeding greatness they have in Him. I want to change the face of music as a whole! I want Christ-centered, Christ-filled music in the rotation of every station at any given moment, not just during Sunday gospel hour."